MiDes Return and Exchange Policy - Overseas Regions

  1. Unless the goods are sent incorrectly or damaged, the customer shall bear the round-trip shipping costs, taxes, etc. incurred by the customer due to the replacement of the goods.


  1. Customers can email the order number and reason for exchange to mides@mides.com.hk within 14 [012752 012751] days from the date of receipt of the goods, and we will follow up as soon as possible after receiving the email. After you receive our reply email and confirmation processing, you can send the replacement item back to the address provided in the email.


  1. The goods to be replaced must be accompanied by complete packaging and original labels to keep the goods intact; Goods that have been used, modified, washed or damaged or stained due to improper use will not be returned or exchanged.


  1. The following items are not eligible for return or exchange:

All intimate clothing (including but not limited to underwear, socks),

Any item sold at or less than 7% off

Open goods, defective products,

Freebies, trial packs,

Products that have been used, modified, washed,

Products that have been damaged or stained due to improper use,

Lack of complete packaging, original labels, incomplete goods,

Goods that have been replaced,

More than 14 days after the customer signs for the goods.


  1. Please understand that if you make an exchange request for the following reasons, we will not be able to process it!
  2. a) Due to different factors such as shooting light, mobile phone or computer display, and each person's understanding of color, there may be some color differences between the photo and the actual thing, so the color of the product photo is for reference only, and the color difference problem cannot be dealt with.
  3. Some goods may be slightly faded or deformed after washing due to factors such as production process or fabric treatment, which is normal within the scope of quality inspection standards, and the above problems cannot be dealt with. *Note: The above situation can also be caused by detergent ingredients or improper washing methods, please wash according to the laundry label.


  1. Each order can only be exchanged once Customers may be offered to arrange to exchange the same goods, or goods of equal value, or to exchange goods of higher value and make up the difference, if the value of the exchanged goods is less than the value of the returned goods, the difference will not be refunded.


  1. The replacement arrangement will be subject to the availability of the MiDes online store.


  1. All items sold under any circumstancesNo refunds are available, thank you forgiveness!


  1. Please confirm the shipping restrictions and procedures of each country before placing an order ( If the Taiwan express consignee must be authenticated in the real name of "EZ WAY"), you may need to provide us with additional information for customs clearance. Via WhatsApp:(852) 6013 7094 Or contact us by email: mides@mides.com.hk.


  1. If you fail to respond and provide the required customs clearance information for overseas shipments within 45 days after placing your order, your order will be deemed void and No refunds are available, thank you forgiveness! Please ensure that your contact information is correct.


  1. Babies Trendyland Limited ("Babies Trendyland") reserves the right to amend this Exchange Policy; In case of any dispute, Babies Trendyland reserves the right of final decision.


If you have any questions, please feel free to WhatsApp:(852) 6013 7094 Or contact us by email: mides@mides.com.hk.